Gah, hate to ask about features...

Maksim Lin maksim at
Tue Mar 30 21:08:56 PST 1999

"John B. Lee" wrote:
> I hate to ask about features, but I'm curious as to whether or
> not it would be possible to get the DnD API, perhaps from the
> Blackdown Linux JDK 1.2 port, to work? Has anyone tried?
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> John B. Lee, Undergraduate
> Social and Decision Science; Carnegie Mellon University
> jbl at

Funny you should ask that ... :-)
Actually I'm working on this at the very moment.  Unfortuneately you
can't just pull DnD out of the JDK and into kaffe, since the Java DnD
api is just a thin wrapper around the native OS's DnD services.  AFAIK
in the Linux JDK this means it's using Motif.  My work is going to have
the DnD use the gtk+ toolkit's DnD services for free java
implementations like kaffe & japhar/classpath.  ANd the nice thing is
that gtk is supposed to implement both the XDnD & Motif protocols so in
theory everything will even be interoperable (fingers crossed).
However I've just started and have a few other things (like a thesis) to
work on, but I'll definitely let the list know as soon as I have
something usable.
Anyway thanks for asking, at least now I know there is one other person
interested in having this implemented.

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