Kaffe and Serialization

Ivana Visconti Menna iviscont at dcc.uchile.cl
Wed May 5 14:17:01 PDT 1999

Thank you very much Godmar. Now it works. The Date isn't a problem for
me, I don't need it.
I promise that I will use the Kaffe's jitterbug bug database, if I find
any bug.

Godmar Back wrote:
> Kaffe seems to create a zero byte file, presumably because it
> doesn't flush the ObjectOutputStream.  Sun happens to do that,
> that's why your code works there.  I'd say that's just by
> accident, but we will of course investigate and find out why
> Kaffe fails or whether the spec says writeObject must flush
> the underlying stream.
> For the interim, you can use oo.flush() or oo.close()
> before the call to os.close().
> Now I tried that and now Kaffe is giving me this output:
> The String that was written is: `Today is: '
> The Date that was written is: `May 5, 1999 10:31:07 AM PDT'
> (I added the single apostrophes.  This output is correct,
> except for the mysterious "PST"s that pop up [ a side effect
> of Date.toString()?] )
> The 'PST' look like some forgotten debug statement somewhere
> in Kaffe's libraries.  In addition, it's wrong.
> Tim's on PDT, but I'm on MDT.
> If I invoke it with -Duser.timezone=MDT, it tells me:
> The String that was written is: `Today is: '
> The Date that was written is: `May 5, 1999 5:58:04 PM GMT+0:00'
> Now the "GMT" is superflous.
> I guess you're either in California or in England.
> Thanks for the report though.
> Btw, it is always a good idea to file a bug report with
> Kaffe's jitterbug bug database (www.kaffe.org), especially
> if you have a reproducible testcase that fails.
>         - Godmar

Universidad de Chile

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