Problem with "bad" jar file

jacobi at jacobi at
Mon May 10 11:27:31 PDT 1999

In kaffe/kaffecm/jar.c
procedure readCentralDirRecord returns 0 (with error "Bad central record signature \n") 
However in procedure openJarFile, in a loop (without checking for errors) we do
	curr->next = readCentralDirRecord(file);
	curr = curr->next; 
which does causes dereferencing 0 on next pass through  

This would be a small and un-important error, except that the jar file
I'm using is made with Sun's jdk1.7 and contains only a few "hello-world" 
level classes.  (And I have no clue whether my file system access routines
are right or not, except that they report the right number of bytes read)


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