GPL'd DOS port?

Karl Grill grill at
Tue May 18 00:31:17 PDT 1999


There is a GPL port of kaffe for dos:

It will run on a 386 with 8 mb of memory (16 recommended);
If you want to compile it, you need a win9x machine with 64 mb memory
and 50 mb of free disk space (and quite a few things from the DJGPP

It has a few drawbacks, though:
the documentation is in Japanese only (I'm trying to translate it, but
it's ten years since I took that language course, so it'll take time...
maybe someone that is more fluent in both languages than I am (English
isn't my native language either) can help out?),
but with a little imagination, one can figure out how to set it up.
At least, I didn't have too much trouble in getting to the point where
I could run the "hello" sample prog that came with the distribution.

then, at least at the moment, there is no awt support

Apart from that, I have a student working on a DOS port, but this is 
still at an early stage (at the moment, he is working on implementing
LFNs via response files); maybe we'll change directions and start
adding some extra functionality to the above port (like awt).

so long

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