sysdepCallMethod on 'arm'

Prashanth K.S. prashanth at
Mon May 17 22:21:36 PDT 1999

   Is the sysdepCallMethod for 'arm' (config/arm/common.h) complete
 (kaffe-1.0b4 version) ? 
   Does the '' run without any problems ?

  It looks like there is a problem with this code when trying to invoke
a native method having more than one double sized argument 
(call->callsize[i]==2)  or a mixture of single and double sized

  For example, if a native method has 2 arguments (both of type
say 'double' or 'jlong') - 'case 2' fills in the r1 and r2 registers,  
followed by 'case 1' which fills in r0 and r1 - thereby overwriting r1 !

  also, if the native method expects arguments in r0, r1, r2 and r3
 the method may not work since r3 is not filled with proper value...

  is this true, or am i missing something ?

P.S:  I'm not subscribed to the list, so please send a copy of the reply
to me directly....



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