sysdepCallMethod on 'arm'

Prashanth K.S. prashanth at
Tue May 25 23:40:21 PDT 1999

> It did when I tried it a year ago or so when I did the arm port.
  Yes, it still works and the code is correct (my apologies...)
 TestNative works perfectly....
 Actually, i wrote an assembly version of it which was not working.
 and as expected problem was with my code...

> Yes, it could be optimized.  But keep in mind that if
> callsize[i] == 2, then args[i+1] does not contain any meaningful data.
> So in your example, only the final assignment to r1 is meaningful.
> (Please read also the comment in support.h)

   yep, i had read the comment in support.h and taken care of all these in
my assembly code...
   The problem was that i was passing the low and high part of the double
sized arguments (jlong, jdouble) in the opposite order...

   "" is really very very useful to test sysdepCallMethod!!
sorry once again...


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