Jar files in kaffe dir

Artur Biesiadowski abies at pg.gda.pl
Sat Nov 13 08:34:05 PST 1999

First, I'm very impressed with current state of kaffe. Last time I tried
it, it still had major problems with awt and performance wasn't great
(it was a year ago I think :). Now it rocks - good work !

Anyway, back to subject. Is there any particular reason to specify .jar
files that will be put into classpath from /usr/local/share/kaffe ?
Couldn't just *.jar be used ? I suppose that has something to do with
Klasses.jar being first, but it could be done anyway. Adding any
packages to kaffe would be a easier and possible with rpm and friends.

Second question is if jdk like -cp option is available in kaffe ? It is
way too much work to specify all default classpath to just add one
reference. If there is no such option, will you accept the patch adding
it ?


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