Kaffe 1.0.5 install problem on Windows 98

Frohwalt Egerer froh at iconsult.com
Wed Nov 24 03:06:17 PST 1999

"Rakic Sasa & Snezana" <rakics at EUnet.yu> writes:

> Hi there,
> I have try to compile Kaffe 1.0.5   (from kaffe-1.0.5.zip) with
> Cygwin b20 on the Windows 98 but the folowing problems are found:
> In the ./configure I have to change all occurs of:
> CONFIG_SHELL-/bin/sh
> with
> After 15 minutes of running 'sh ./configure' it has finished with attached
> file errors. 

Hmm just a wild guess - I'm not an cygwin expert: Have you used
cygwin's mount command to mount cygwin's .../bin directory to /bin?
Just adding the bin directory to the path might not be enough. 


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