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Wed Nov 24 12:18:13 PST 1999

I've put some information regarding porting here:
reachable through

Regarding sysdepCallmethod for PPC: 
Kevin Hendricks suggested investigating the use of libffi; if somebody
wants to try that, that would be useful.  My reservations regarding
libffi are that it would create a dependency on another (possibly 
moving) codebase for no clear payoff.  We're already suffering from
our libtool dependency.  However, having libffi as a fallback certainly 
beats not having a sysdepCallMethod at all.
Also, while looking at some libffi clients (specifically the gij interpreter, 
I've started wondering whether libffi code may actually be more efficient 
than the current way of doing things in callMethod, even after Alexandre's 
signature preparsing.  I'm not sure though.

	- Godmar

> > Hi,
> >     I am porting kaffe to a new platform (pSOS-PowerPC860).  Now, I have
> > to compile it.  But in the first step, I don't want to use a native
> > threads (a later work).  
> Look in the FAQ directory at ... hmm, I could of sworn there was a
> FAQ.porting file...  Anyway, I know Godmar wrote one a while ago with
> a short set of steps to port Kaffe to a new platform.   You might
> search the archive.  (If you could turn that mail into a FAQ, that'd
> be nice, too).
> Kaffe's user-mode threading system is called "unix-jthreads".  It is
> the default when configuring Kaffe.  The available thread packages are
> the directories in kaffe/kaffevm/systems/ (each directory is one
> package).
> Look at FAQ/FAQ.jsignal for a bit about how the jthreads system works
> and what it requires from your OS in terms of signal handling and
> dispatch.
> -Pat
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