Startup problem on ARM

Godmar Back gback at
Wed Nov 24 15:59:52 PST 1999

> Stefan Hellkvist wrote:
> | My name is Stefan and I'm trying to get kaffe 1.0.5 working on a
> | Netwinder (ARM-linux). I'm using the debian disk image (small
> | image with kernel 2.2.10). I built Kaffe without the JIT and it built ok but
> | when I run a simple Hello world program it crashes in the startup
> | process like this:
> There are many versions of the ARM processor out there.  Early versions of
> the ARM did not support byte and 16-bit load/store instructions, so C
> char/short were 32-bit aligned on those versions.  Java's byte and short
> are likewise aligned.
> Later versions of the ARM (such as the Netwinder's StrongARM) have byte
> load/store instructions so they don't have these restrictions.
> With this in mind, determine which structure padding convention is in use
> by your system and investigate from there.

To add to what Dave said:

a) You can check what alignment your tools are configured for by compiling
and running kaffe/developers/alignment_of_size.c.  This must match what 
Kaffe assumes internally.

b) More info about alignment on the arm than you ever wanted to know: 
The ARM alignment FAQ

	- Godmar

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