sysdepCallMethod for PowerPC

jim hopper hopperj at
Fri Nov 26 06:32:16 PST 1999

Here is a first cut done by tenon intersystems (not done by me) for 
the mac version of Machten.  it hasnt been tested yet (ie when i 
build kaffe with it kaffe doesnt run) but its a starting place.  i 
havent had time to try to debug it.
if you get it to work PLEASE send it back to me.

best jim

At 12:38 PM +0100 11/26/99, Rainer Kloud wrote:
>I'm porting Kaffe to LynxOS on PowerPC and I'm looking
>for an implementation of the sysdepCallMethod. Does anyone
>have a implementation for PowerPC?
>Thank you.
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