problem in kaffe jit code debugging using gdb

Jason Baker jbaker at
Mon Oct 4 14:03:20 PDT 1999

Veeral Shah <veerals at> writes:

> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>   I then tried to run gdb but it says that (my .gdbinit also is set ..)
> "/sarva/me/98/csashah/kaffe/bin/Kaffe": not in executable format: File
> format not recognized

bin/kaffe is a script which sets up the environment and runs
libexec/Kaffe (the executable).  You can start gdb by setting
KAFFE_DEBUG, then running kaffe.  kaffe (lowercase) will do it's
normal scripty things, then start gdb.

> -  Then i tried to run jdb ..It didnt crib like above but says Kaffe
> could not be initialised 
>    It dumps like below ..And with the following error ..

As far as I know, kaffe doesn't support jdb.  Hence, you can't do
source-level debugging of java code.


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