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Archie Cobbs archie at
Fri Oct 8 09:45:15 PDT 1999

Mikael Pahmp writes:
> I'm trying to get on to the Kaffe mailing list but have problems reaching
> the mail server. I've seen your name in the mail archive and maybe you could
> answer my question or otherwise post it on the mailing list for me...

Sure.. the correct address is "kaffe at".

> In Michael Barr's session on 'Developing Embedded Software in Java, Part 2"
> at the Embedded Systems Conference, he said the following about Kaffe:
> "A typical combination of the interpreter, garbage collector, and native
> methods
> requires less than 100K of code space."
> Now, I've downloaded and built the 1.0b4 package on a i386/linux system with
> 'engine=intrp'. The lib/ library alone has the size of
> 1.0MB.
> I haven't found many ways to configure what should go into the VM (engine,
> thread-system). What's the story here? How can 1MB become less than 100K? 
> /Mikael

Good question :-) I don't think kaffe is very much optimized for size.
Also, are you looking at a stripped version (ie, without symbols)? 


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