Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Thu Oct 14 20:22:25 PDT 1999

I wrote this FAQ while trying to statically link a library into Kaffe
in the off chance someone else might want to do it (e.g., on the
OSKit).  I call it FAQ.staticlib.  One of the libtool-ers might want
to sanity check my libtool.  Also, step 2 seems kinda bogus to me...

Anyway, my contribution to the FAQ/ diretory is appended below.


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Pat Tullmann                                       tullmann at cs.utah.edu

How to statically link a native library into Kaffe.

These are the steps I (Pat Tullmann, tullmann at cs.utah.edu) went
through to statically link a library I use into Kaffe.  (I use the name
'libmynative' as the name of the library in a couple places.)

1) Build a static library with libtool to generate a .la file.
   Perhaps you are enlightened enough (or a wizard) and already build
   your libraries with libtool.  If not:

	a) Compile all of libraries .c files with libtool.  Libtool
	   generates .lo files. Here's a makefile rule:
		libtool --mode=compile $(CC) -c $< -o $@

	b) Link the library with libtool to get a .la version.  Here's
	   another makefile rule.  $(L_OBJS) should be the .lo's generated 
	   by the libtool compile.
		libtool --mode=link $(CC) -rpath `something` -static -export-dynamic $(L_OBJS) libmynative.la	

2) Add the library to the list of libraries to link into Kaffe by
   putting the library in the JAVA_LIBS environment variable when
   *configuring* Kaffe.

	$ JAVA_LIBS=libmynative.la ../kaffe/configure --enable-debug

3) Put the .la file where it can be found at run time.  (Right next to
   Kaffe's .la files will work...).
	$ cp libmynative.la /lib/

4) Invoke System.loadLibrary() in your Java code.  This will set up
   the bindings to the native methods in your library.  The libtool
   code in Kaffe will check the .la file, too.


5) Use your native methods!

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