bugs and problems

Sergey V. Udaltsov svu at pop.convey.ru
Sat Oct 23 05:57:06 PDT 1999

Dear sirs

Thank you very much for the new kaffe release. RMI is important for our
development, so I'm excited about new beta5. Unfortunately here in
Russia tha main character encoding is koi8-r. It is not supported still
in Kaffe:( Could you please comment whether it will be. I've also
reported the bug in RMISecurityManager: it has default access instead of
public. I've also found that method Component.paintBorder clashes with
public method JComponent.paintBorder (latest JFC release) so jikes gives
warning about it (in pedantic mode).
I would be happy to use the web-based report system but unfortunately I
could not connect to cgi.kaffe.org - probably it was down at the moment.

Best regards,

Sergey V. Udaltsov

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