bugs and problems

Tim Wilkinson tim at transvirtual.com
Mon Oct 25 15:17:48 PDT 1999


> Hello Tim
> > I've fixed the RMI security problem and added the Russian converters -
> > you can find this in the CVS tree of Kaffe.
> I've checked out the CVS version of the Kaffe. Great! No errors about
> KOI.
> But there are several issues I'd like to point out:
> 1. Build process. I could not build new rmi.jar (one from CVS was out of
> date) easily.
>    Reasons:
>    - I use jikes. For this compiler, rebuildLib works incorrectly. It
> does not correctly set "-classpath" parameter. It just gives some
> garbage to the command line. Should I demonstrate this (and my
> workaround)?
>    - for building RMI it is necessary to have not only Klasses.jar in
> classpath but also tools.jar (necessary for RMIC). Makefile in
> rmi/javalib is incorrect. At least, in order to perform "make
> jar-classes" I had to fix this.

I will report this problem to the build system maintainer (not me).

> 2. Run. OK, I've managed to solve the problems above. Then I've compiled
> my project (BTW, I noticed that you do not provide native2ascii. Is this
> standard JDK utility hard to implement?)

We've not written one, but I assume its pretty trivial - if you wanted
to write one and contribute it that'd be great.

> and restarted rmiregistry. I've
> tryed to launch my RMI server and got several nested
> java.io.StreamCorruptedException (the most inner was
> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException). I think these are problems with your
> rmiregistry... Certainly, I can send you stack...

Please do - what class doesn't if find specifically?


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