RMI problem

Tim Wilkinson tim at transvirtual.com
Tue Oct 26 09:49:39 PDT 1999


Send me the file causing the serialization problem so I can check into
this UID problem - Kaffe should generate this in the same way to Java so
there must be some bug in it which this test case is showing up - let me
have the class and I'll work it out.


Greg Zymbaluk wrote:
> I just downloaded and installed version 1.0.5 and am having a problem
> with RMI.
> I have compiled my java source and generated my stubs and skel classes
> on a Solaris box with Sun's JDK (version 1.1.7). I then moved these
> classes over to a Linux box (Cobalt Raq2, MIPS CPU, RedHat 5.2) and
> start the Kaffe rmiregistry and my RMI server (using the Kaffe VM). When
> I attempt to make a remote call to the RMI server on the kaffe machine I
> get  the following exception:
> java.rmi.UnmarshalException: error unmarshalling return; nested
> exception is: java.io.InvalidClassException:
> TestImpl_Stub; Local class not compatible: stream classdesc
> serialVersionUID=-1585587260594494182 local
> class serialVersionUID=2015510784496417641
> I ran serialver on both the Solaris JDK machine and the Kaffe VM machine
> and I got the following:
> Solaris machine (Sun JDK 1.1.7) - TestImpl_Stub: static final long
> serialVersionUID=2015510784496417641L;
> kaffe machine (Kaffe 1.0.5) - TestImpl_Stub: static final long
> serialVersionUID= -1585587260594494182L; (that's a minus sign in front
> of the big number)
> I know that the class files are the same on both machines because I
> generate them on the Solaris box, tar them up and move them over to the
> Linux box. It looks to me like Kaffe is not correctly reading the
> serialVersionUID on the classes. Is there any way I can fix this or
> workaround it?
> Thanks for any help.
> Greg Z

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