Errors encountered in compiling Java Tutorial example

Archie Cobbs archie at
Wed Oct 27 16:23:50 PDT 1999

me writes:
> This is probably a newbie issue, but since I cannot find any specific answers
> in any of the documentation, here goes...
> I've encountered some compile time errors when trying to build an example from
> the Java Tutorial available from Sun's website. The following verbose listing
> details my platform, the source code, the compiler errors, and my Shared
> Library configuration (i.e. glibc on Redhat Linux v6.0). 
> Do I need to modify the code in order to please Pizza?
> Am I missing a Pizza switch (I used 'javac -version -verbose')
> ??

You should upgrade to kaffe-1.0.5, which includes kjc instead of pizza.
Also, you could install jikes on your machine, which is even better
and faster.


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