JNI problem

Mohammad Waseem Arfi waseem_arfi at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 30 03:13:53 PDT 1999

Dear Guys !!!
          There is a problem faced by me. I am working
on Java. I hava dll written in C/C++ and have to use
it in Java. I m using JNI to accomplish it. Through
native interface I have written .java, generated .h,
and written .c files. Every thing fine. I have also
loaded library in .c file that is needed by me. But
when I tried to call a function of that dll in the .c
file, it generates the error 'Undeclared identifier'.
I have tried a lot but it is not working. Can any one
help me out, plz do respond to me
(waseem_arfi at hotmail.com or waseem_arfi at yahoo.com) not
on the list. And also do respond me as soon as

Best Regards. GOD bless you.
Mohammad Waseem Arfi
mail me at: waseem_arfi at hotmail.com or 
            waseem_arfi at yahoo.com

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