free-java list (was Re: FreeSwing, EvolutionAlgorythms)

Patrick Spingys pa0093 at
Tue Sep 28 00:21:58 PDT 1999

> Hmm.
> Would people be interested in a 'Free Java' mailing list?  I have the
> resources to set one up, and it seems like it would be useful for the
> classpath, gcj, and kaffe people (as well as interested others) to have
> a central location to discuss shared technologies like this (and RMI
> springs to mind as another good candidate).

Why not? Mostly it is so, that the programmers are beginning to
start a project, if an mailing-list exists. If the Classpath-,
Japhar- and Kaffe-Homepage makes an Link on it, there are more
people who find this Mailinglist.

I think the Swing-project must been seperated, because the
people can write it on ALL platforms on which the JDK1.1
runs. That is other whith Japhar and Classpath, there the
people with an Macintosh can't write anything for it. And people
who have MS-Windows, but no C/C++-Compiler have the same problem.

And I think it is very important, that an Free Swing-project
exists, because Java2 have it in it.
And there comes more and more programs which needed Swing.

If there exists no free Swing, why then writing free JVMs
like Kaffe and Japhar and free classes
like Classpath, when in the future the most programs can't
run with it, because they are based on Swing ?


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