Problem with StringBuffer

Wolfgang Muees wolfgang at
Sun Apr 2 12:09:32 PDT 2000

Am Sam, 01 Apr 2000 schrieb Tatu Saloranta:
> Wolfgang Muees wrote:
> > 
> > The right solution for this problem is IMO: don't reuse StringBuffer.
> > It is designed primary as an input buffer for a single string.
> I think I disagree here; at least if there's no other class for similar
> purpose. I am interested in optimizing Java-programs, and in general,
> one of the most efficient optimizations is to recycle objects. Object
> creation is not a cheap operation. Especially in this case, where
> StringBuffer does allocate a character array, it means there are at
> least 2 memory allocations and other initialization code. If the
> array truncation can be done when the array is being copied (during
> destringify() or whatever the method was), it won't add a new array
> allocation.
Tatu, I think you miss an important point here:

- most JAVA programmers try to code a program that behaves well
   under all JVMs available.
- The default StringBuffer implementation from SUN have problems
   with resuse of large Stringbuffers.

So, IMO all you can do is to code around this problem.

best regards

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