Kaffe having trouble with gnujsp.jar

Stuart Ballard sballard at netreach.net
Mon Apr 3 14:10:20 PDT 2000

Mo DeJong wrote:
> The jar tool from 1.0.5 is completely busted. Don't even try
> to use it. You need to most recent CVS snapshot if you want
> to try to debug this.

Hmm. Well, in that case... does this look familiar to anyone?

> > sballard at rainbow:~/kaffe$ jar tvf /usr/share/java/gnujsp.jar
> > java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Failed to locate native function:
> > java/util/zip/Inflater.init(Z)V
> >       at kaffe.util.zip.SwitchInflater.<init>(SwitchInflater.java:23)
> >       at java.util.zip.ZipInputStream.<init>(ZipInputStream.java:33)
> >       at kaffe.tools.jar.Jar.listFilesInJar(Jar.java:597)
> >       at kaffe.tools.jar.Jar.processJar(Jar.java:402)
> >       at kaffe.tools.jar.Jar.start(Jar.java:60)
> >       at kaffe.tools.jar.Jar.main(Jar.java:39)

(cvs from about 10amEST 04/03/2000, I just did
./configure --prefix=/home/sballard/kaffe-test; make; make install
and then put /home/sballard/kaffe-test/bin as the first entry in my

It sounds like something missing from LD_LIBRARY_PATH but the wrapper
scripts are supposed to take care of that... aren't they?

Thanks in advance,

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