Problem with StringBuffer

Tatu Saloranta tatu at
Mon Apr 3 18:33:45 PDT 2000

Wolfgang Muees wrote:
> Tatu, I think you miss an important point here:
> - most JAVA programmers try to code a program that behaves well
>    under all JVMs available.
> - The default StringBuffer implementation from SUN have problems
>    with resuse of large Stringbuffers.
> So, IMO all you can do is to code around this problem.

I perhaps misunderstood what you were saying first, and you are of
right in that given that current implementations (I haven't tested IBM's
jdk to see if it also has the problem, though) have problems, it is
best to code around the problem (that's what I did once I found the
problem). What I tried to say was simply that it would be nice to
fix (or at least alleviate) the potential problem in Kaffe, as it
seems relatively easy to do (and as the problem has been fixed in
JDK it seems like it was considered a real implementation deficiency).

Then again as there already is a patch that should save space (even if
StringBuffer is used just once), I'm a happy camper. :-)

-+ Tatu +-

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