Kaffe having trouble with gnujsp.jar

Stuart Ballard sballard at netreach.net
Tue Apr 4 06:04:39 PDT 2000

Timothy Stack wrote:
> from kaffe/clib/zip/Inflater.c, line 17:
>  #if defined(HAVE_LIBZ) && defined(HAVE_ZLIB_H)
> Are you sure you have zlib installed when you configure?  Since the `init'
> function exists in this file, i can only imagine that the reason its
> failing is because of this ifdef.

That was it - thanks! I have a pretty bare-bones development environment
because I very rarely install stuff from source.

Would it perhaps be a good idea for configure to print some warnings at
the end of the process if "important" stuff like zlib is missing? That
would have given me a hint... (and since I probably still have some
things missing, it'd be nice to know what they are :) )


PS That solved the Jar problem but not the ClassNotFoundException... so
that's my next task when I get a chance :)

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