A Ksem question [Was: Re: changes to thread locking layer]

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Tue Apr 11 13:21:33 PDT 2000

Thanks for the backtrace.  Looks like all the threads are blocked on
different locks (the utilities you've got for querying this stuff are
pretty spiffy...).

Are the semaphores initialized correctly?  I belive the Kaffe locking
system requires the semaphores to have an initial value of '1' (e.g.,
the resource is available).  Yours are all at -1, implying they might
have started at 0?

You might try '-vmdebug SLOWLOCKS' to see if the KaffeVM really is
trying to lock the same lock recursively... it doesn't look like its
getting beyond the first lock acquire in any thread, though.

(BTW, your mailer re-formatted the GDB output, so you might want to
watch that in the future.)


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