A Ksem question [Was: Re: changes to thread locking layer]

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Tue Apr 11 13:49:13 PDT 2000

Alan L. Batongbacal wrote:
> Actually, that's because FAQ.locks specifies that ksemInit() results
> in an initialized but unavailable ksem...

D'oh... you'd think I'd know that.  :) The FAQ has a better dump of my
memory (obviously) than I can dredge up at this point...

> I'll try that tonight.  Also, I had to run kaffe more than once to get
> to this particular state; with all the threads racing about, it took
> several attempts to result in a gdb-friendly deadlock condition (the
> BeOS gdb port seems to have some trouble managing threads, and would
> sometimes crash on "info threads").

Cool.  It would be good to see a trace of the locking...  I'll try and
get a trace on unix-jthreads sometime tonight.  This happens in most
any mulithreaded test case, right?


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