Num-Lock proposed fix

Maurizio DE CECCO maurizio at
Wed Apr 12 03:26:25 PDT 2000

Looking around the Sun Java bug data base and other source, it seems
that the Num Lock (and other Lock) problem is still unresolved, 
and a solution is planned for the Input Method framework.

About kaffe, i think the following should be consistent with the 
Java spec:

If the NumLock is pressed, the KeyEvents generated will

1)	KeyPressed, with keycode VK_NUMPADx (x : 0..9)
2)	KeyTyped, with keychar 'x'
3)	KeyReleased, with keycode VK_NUMPADx 

Would this break the compatibility with existing Java code ?
If yes, what other solution can be considered ?

We are considering this fix for inclusion in the Mandrake/MacMillian
distributed kaffe rpm ... so the question is rather important ...


Maurizio De Cecco

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