Bug report on Label

Maurizio De Cecco maurizio at mandrakesoft.com
Wed Apr 19 02:15:26 PDT 2000

The Label reported preferredSize is not consistent with the paint method;
the preferred width is to the string width returned by the font width,
while the paint method start paint with an offset of 1 (if there is no border);
the result is that if the layout manager used for a label use the preferred size,
the text is clipped by one point, thing that is can be very visible depending 
on the font and the letter ('r' for example is clearly clipped).

I don't include a patch because i don't know which of the two should be changed
(preferred size or the paint code), that should be decided by the author  :->


Maurizio De Cecco
MandrakeSoft 		http://www.mandrakesoft.com/

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