Problem with StringBuffer

Tatu Saloranta tatu at
Tue Apr 25 19:09:36 PDT 2000

Godmar Back wrote:
> Tatu, how did you measure the memory usage?
> I don't doubt that it's worse than jdk1.1.8 (which: IBM's?  Blackdown's?) -
> but almost twice it shouldn't (have to) be.

It was Blackdown's, and so doesn't have a JIT (ie. won't use memory for
compiled code... probably not a very significant difference but still).
The 'measurements' I did simply by running 'top' on another window
and seeing how the SIZE changed. :-)

> Did you try the -mx switch?  Note that kaffe tries to use up
> to 64 MB by default.  (The -mx switch may not work properly in kaffe,
> however.)

I didn't use -mx, but top showed Kaffe to only use about 8 megs of

When I have more time to continue developing the application in question
I'll try to see if I could get more information.
Normally difference seems to be smaller; for another application
a fractal draw application) it's 8M (Blackdown) vs. 9M (Kaffe), which
quite normal.

-+ Tatu +-

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