Kaffe Throwable knackered?

Nic Ferrier nferrier at tapsellferrier.co.uk
Wed Apr 26 17:42:40 PDT 2000

>>> <kaffe at rufus.w3.org> 26-Apr-00 8:06:33 PM >>>

>> It looks like Kaffe's fillInStackTrace() is causing a problem.

>What exactly is the problem? Do you have a small program 
>demonstrating the problem?

Apologies (I really needed to get some sleep).

It's not Throwable at all.

I was getting very confused.

The problem (or at least a difference from Sun's API) lies with
Character.getNumericValue(char) (I use a char lookup table to speed up
path matching).

Under Sun's code:

  int i=Character.getNumericValue('d');

makes i==13

Under Kaffe i==-1.

This is probably my own fault and something to do with charsets.

I have changed the code now to use a cast to int and that works
predictably across Sun and Kaffe.

Apologies again for the false accusation (but the bug tool *was*

Nic Ferrier

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