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In November 1999 a request for enhancement (RFE) was opened at Sun's Java 
Developer's Connection titled: Port jdk 1.2.x to FreeBSD (bug id: 4288745).

Members of the Java Developer's Connection help prioritize bug fixes and 
RFE's by voting for the one's that they believe are needed most.  The 
FreeBSD port RFE is currently the #1 request by far with 2953 votes vs. 819 
for the #2 request.

Even with this wide lead, Sun has no obligation to make an official port of 
Java to FreeBSD or *BSD, or to be helpful to the *BSD efforts to port Java 
(see  The larger the number of votes for our RFE, 
however, the more difficult it is for Sun to ignore.  And the more that we 
can widen the lead between our #1 RFE and #2, the more dramatic a statement 
we (collectively) make.

An official Java JDK port to FreeBSD would likely mean that all BSD's would 
benefit either by being able to use the FreeBSD port or by being much closer 
to a port of their own.  In fact, many who have voted for the RFE have left 
comments supporting a port to *BSD, not just FreeBSD.

As you may know, Sun recently teamed with Inprise to create an official port 
of Java to Linux (building on the work of Blackdown).  The *BSD's, with a 
large and loyal base of developers, also deserve an official native version 
of Java.

Please support the Java on *BSD effort by voting for the RFE at:
If you are not already a member of Sun's Java Developers Connection, you 
will need to register before voting (membership is free).

Your support is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


PS Please forward this message to any person, list, or organization that may 
want to support this effort.
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