Biss AWT and kaffe

Martin_Doering at Martin_Doering at
Thu Dec 14 06:18:01 PST 2000


I'm new to this list, and have some questions about kaffe 1.0.6:

- A time ago I did some experiments with the biss.jde.LibBrowser and all
the other biss stuff. Now it seems, that this all is not part of the
distribution anymore. Can I get it somewhere, or is it outdated? Would it
be good to develope with it? I'm searching for a very lightwight gui for
Java. I would like to drive it on a 8 MB MIPS Organizer some day...

- Am I right, that biss is the lightwhight gui toolkit shown on the
transvirtual site? Or is it been renamed?

- Is there any place in the web, which has a bit more dokumentation about
Biss AWT and applications made with it? Or Applications for PocketLinux?

- What Gui toolkit is used for pocketlinux? Is it the biss one?

- Did someone manage to setup kaffe (from CVS) on a Linux Famebuffer for
Intel x86?

Sorry, for asking so many questions, but I can not find so much
Dokumentation about working with kaffe, just about it's design and it's


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