Kaffe JIT: what does it do? really no porting doc?

Renaud Marlet Renaud.Marlet at trusted-logic.fr
Tue Dec 26 03:36:03 PST 2000


Looking at the Kaffe web site and at the source code, I have not been
able to clearly understand what the Kaffe JIT was doing.
  - does it do anything more than removing the interpretation loop
and the operand stack?
  - how is register allocation performed?  (I have not seen a separate
phase but rather what looks like an "on-the-fly" allocation.)
  - what are differences between JIT and JIT3 (besides that it runs

The web site says "Porting Kaffe's JIT compiler is a much more
complex undertaking.  It requires you to define the instruction
set and register architecture of a given platform.  See config/*/jit*
for examples.  We would welcome documentation here."  Is it really
the case that there currently is no documentation to guide porting?


Renaud Marlet
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