large Class.forName() patch

Patrick Tullmann
Tue Feb 1 00:08:29 PST 2000

Jason Baker wrote:
> ./developers/fixup.c:    addSymbol("_Jv_intClass", CLASS, "int", "", "");

That code is actually commented out already.  Godmar will have to
chime in on its intent.

> ./kaffe/kaffevm/itypes.c:       initPrimClass(&intClass, "int", 'I', 4);

I suggest using some completely bogus, yet human-readable name in this
context.  The primitive types should never be looked up by name, so
"[int]" or ";primitive int" or ... hmm, looking in the VM spec (for
invalid name ideas), I noticed actually it says in S2.2 Identifiers:
"An identifier must not be ... a keyword in the Java programming
language."  So, maybe a class with name 'int' is bogus....  Something
that most JVMs don't seem to check, it seems.

> ./libraries/javalib/java/lang/     final public static Class TYPE = Class.getPrimitiveClass("int");

As Jason pointed out, this is an internal hack for Kaffe.  The
argument could just as easily be Class.PRIMITIVE_INT_MAGIC


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