crash loading gcj stuff

Marcus G. Daniels mgd at
Tue Feb 1 20:04:34 PST 2000

This is on Redhat 6.1 with sources fresh out of CVS.  Any ideas?

(gdb) bt
#0  0x40065365 in comparePath2ClassName (cname=0x81071a0 "java/lang/Object", 
    pname=0x4 <Address 0x4 out of bounds>)
    at /src/kaffe/kaffe/kaffevm/gcj/
#1  0x400653b2 in gcjFindClassByUtf8Name (
    utf8name=0x81071a0 "java/lang/Object", einfo=0xbffff084)
    at /src/kaffe/kaffe/kaffevm/gcj/
#2  0x40030d4d in findClass (centry=0x810e1f8, einfo=0xbffff084)
    at /src/kaffe/kaffe/kaffevm/findInJar.c:84
#3  0x40027cf7 in loadClass (name=0x8107198, loader=0x0, einfo=0xbffff084)
    at /src/kaffe/kaffe/kaffevm/classMethod.c:992
#4  0x400662e4 in kenvFindClass (cname=0x4008cda2 "Ljava/lang/Object;", 
    einfo=0xbffff084) at /src/kaffe/kaffe/kaffevm/gcj/gcj-glue.c:96
#5  0x40066cb1 in kenvTranslateMethod (
    classname=0x4008cda2 "Ljava/lang/Object;", mname=0x4008cdcd "<init>", 
    msig=0x4008cdd4 "()") at /src/kaffe/kaffe/kaffevm/gcj/gcj-glue.c:639
#6  0x4006493b in gcj_fixup_trampoline (psymbol=0x4035aa7c)
    at /src/kaffe/kaffe/kaffevm/gcj/
#7  0x400636d5 in __kaffe_i386_gcj_fixup ()
    at /src/kaffe/kaffe/kaffevm/jit3/machine.c:1013
#8  0x40242592 in global constructors keyed to _Jv_equalUtf8Consts ()
    at /src/sourceware/libgcj/libjava/
#9  0x402df177 in __do_global_ctors_aux () from /packages/lib/
#10 0x4023ae22 in ?? () from /packages/lib/
#11 0x4018dfba in dl_open_worker (a=0xbffff298) at dl-open.c:199
#12 0x4000a3eb in _dl_catch_error (errstring=0xbffff294, 
    operate=0x4018dd20 <dl_open_worker>, args=0xbffff298) at dl-error.c:141
#13 0x4018e0cd in _dl_open (file=0x8107108 "", mode=257, 
    caller=0xbffff294) at dl-open.c:232
#14 0x40093737 in dlopen_doit (a=0xbffff3a8) at dlopenold.c:45
#15 0x4000a3eb in _dl_catch_error (errstring=0x40094d00, 
    operate=0x4009370c <dlopen_doit>, args=0xbffff3a8) at dl-error.c:141
#16 0x40093549 in _dlerror_run (operate=0x4009370c <dlopen_doit>, 
    args=0xbffff3a8) at dlerror.c:125
#17 0x400936fb in __dlopen_nocheck (file=0x8107108 "", mode=256)
    at dlopenold.c:61
#18 0x40064b72 in gcjLoadSharedObject (sofile=0x8107108 "")
    at /src/kaffe/kaffe/kaffevm/gcj/
#19 0x400316a1 in gcjInit () at /src/kaffe/kaffe/kaffevm/findInJar.c:347
#20 0x40026715 in initialiseKaffe ()
    at /src/kaffe/kaffe/kaffevm/baseClasses.c:150
#21 0x40037e25 in JNI_CreateJavaVM (vm=0x804b6d4, env=0x804b6d8, 
    args=0x804b680) at /src/kaffe/kaffe/kaffevm/jni.c:165
#22 0x8048c47 in main (argc=2, argv=0xbffff8e4)
    at /src/kaffe/kaffe/kaffe/main.c:113
#23 0x400c91eb in __libc_start_main (main=0x8048b50 <main>, argc=2, 
    argv=0xbffff8e4, init=0x8048924 <_init>, fini=0x804997c <_fini>, 
    rtld_fini=0x4000a610 <_dl_fini>, stack_end=0xbffff8dc)
    at ../sysdeps/generic/libc-start.c:90

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