crash loading gcj stuff

Marcus G. Daniels mgd at
Wed Feb 2 15:22:30 PST 2000

>>>>> "GB" == Godmar Back <gback at> writes:

MD> "gcj -shared -o X.o".

GB> I don't believe this will work.  You have to use "gcc" instead of
GB> "gcj" or else you end up with a different spec file that pulls in
GB> the libs you describe.  Alexandre says the same.

Ok, I did this blindly per FAQ/FAQ.gcj. 

GB> Could you try x/i 0x40090760 x/i 0x4006d234 to see what stack
GB> frame we're in?

eh.0 and _Jv_Throw+180

GB> Note that kaffe must be compiled with the same version of gcc that
GB> you compile gcj with.

Yep, thanks.

GB> In frame 4, it would be nice to know what reg and
GB> udata->saved[reg] are.

reg was optimized away, apparently... But by the caller (next_stack_level)
it looks like it must be 256 and 40, respectively.

GB> Note that you can source developers/gdbinit and type
GB> findnativemethod 0x81f42d3 to find where you are.  But it's not
GB> important here, I don't think.

(Hey, cool!)

Ok, starting from the bottom and going up:

#11 0x81e2693 in ?? ()
(gdb) findnativemethod 0x81e2693
java/util/Vector$1.nextElement;()Ljava/lang/Object;: 0x81e2638 0x81e26dd idx=
(gdb) up
#12 0x81cd301 in ?? ()
(gdb) findnativemethod 0x81cd301
java/lang/ClassLoader.getResource;(Ljava/lang/String;)Ljava/net/URL;: 0x81cd2            0x81cd387 idx=8
(gdb) up
#13 0x8173d2a in ?? ()
(gdb) findnativemethod 0x8173d2a
java/lang/ClassLoader.getResourceAsStream;(Ljava/lang/String;)Ljava/io/InputS            am;: 0x8173cf8 0x8173d9b idx=11
(gdb) up
#14 0x81a73ee in ?? ()
(gdb) findnativemethod 0x81a73ee
java/lang/ClassLoader.getSystemResourceAsStream;(Ljava/lang/String;)Ljava/io/            utStream;: 0x81a73c8 0x81a73fb idx=-1
(gdb) up
#15 0x81bf10b in ?? ()
(gdb) findnativemethod 0x81bf10b
java/lang/System.<clinit>;()V: 0x81bf010 0x81bf88d idx=-1
(gdb) up
#16 0x4004d778 in callMethodA (meth=0x8139880, func=0x83a418, obj=0x0,
  args=0x0, ret=0xbfffeb00, prompted=0) at /src/kaffe/config/i386/common.h

GB> Could you also make sure that kaffe is compiled with the
GB> -fexceptions flag?

Building now.. 

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