crash loading gcj stuff

Marcus G. Daniels mgd at
Wed Feb 2 18:25:19 PST 2000

>>>>> "GB" == Godmar Back <gback at> writes:

GB> It's 17.  So change 19 -> 17 in i386/jit.h and try that. 

Yep, my otherwise unmodified Kaffe is loading gcj-compiled code now.  Neat.

GB> Here's another hint: if you use optimization as in -O2 or -O3,
GB> make sure you also use -fkeep-inline to avoid that gcj removes the
GB> meta-information for private methods it inlines. 

There's one little hitch: when linking kaffeh, if you have
-fkeep-inline-functions, there will end-up being undefined references
to postOutOfMemory and throwError via in utf8const.o from checkPtr (a
static inline in errors.h).

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