large Class.forName() patch

Mo DeJong mdejong at
Thu Feb 3 18:09:03 PST 2000

On Thu, 3 Feb 100, Godmar Back wrote:

Ok, that sounds like a plan. The only other problem I noticed is that
Kaffe seems to use plain char* types for class names. These class names
really should be in unicode strings or at least UTF8 strings. The
current Kaffe implementation means that a \0 embedded in the class name
will screw up code that expects a \0 at the end of a string. One
of the regression test checks for this.

>  I'm working on it.  We'll first try renaming the basic types internally
> w/o breaking gcj (Jason sent me a patch for that), and see where that gets 
> us, and then the rest.  I think we should be able to match Sun's output
> exactly.  Unfortunately, egcs broke on me right after I checked it out
> today so waiting on that to be fixed before I can do that.

You can add it to Kaffe's regression tests but I am planning on turning
it into a Mauve test so you should not really need to add it.

Mo Dejong
Red Hat Inc.

> Thanks very much for your regression test.
> 	- Godmar
> > 
> > It sounds like there is still some debate as to how the
> > primitive classes should be searched for by name, so could
> > we agree on this trimmed down patch that does not include
> > the part that disables lookups for "int" and such?
> > 

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