Godmar Back gback at
Mon Feb 7 10:24:34 PST 2000

Keep in mind that this C++ code

> jvmdi->SetEventHook(&evtFtn);

is roughly equivalent to this C code:

> (*jvmdi)->SetEventHook(jvmdi, &evtFtn);

> Also, does anyone know why the forth function table entry is reserved
> in the JNIEnv interface pointer?  I understand the first three are
> reserved for MS COM compatibility, but why the fourth?  Should I
> reserve the forth JVMDI_Interface_1 function table slot?

I'd reserve it.

> One last nitpicky thing: I came across some "KNI" code.  What's KNI
> and how does it differ from JNI?  Is this for Kaffe specific
> extensions to JNI?  Is there a reason to have a KVMDI?  Is this stupid
> to worry about at this point?

I'd say don't worry about it at this point.

	- Godmar

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