Dan McGuirk djm at
Mon Feb 7 12:08:15 PST 2000

On 7 Feb 2000, Derek L Davies wrote:
> I understand that JNIEnv interface pointers are potentially different
> for each thread and that JVMDI_Interface_1 interface pointers are,
> like JavaVM interface pointers, the same for every thread of a given VM
> instance.  But, JavaMV interfaces functions also take a JavaVM* as
> their first args even though the JavaVM interfaces pointer is the same
> for every thread.  This inconsistancy is what's confusing me ;-)

I think the JavaVM * is passed to allow for the possibility of creating
more than once instance of the VM within the same process.  This is
difficult to support, though, and I'm not sure whether you can actually do
it in reality.

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