Size & Performance

Kiyo Inaba inaba at
Wed Feb 9 22:37:15 PST 2000

Adding to the Godmar's comment,

>About size, I have identified these files to be in the built-in 
Since you specified 'with-staticlib' and 'with-staticvm', libio
or libnative are included in the final Kaffe executable.

Or, are these two libraries support libraries needed by Kaffe's
libio or libnative functionalities?

If the former is true, you need 2601580+885137+428 = 3487145.
I agree, still this value is big enough...

BTW, I am now trying to make Kaffe for H8/300H processor, and
the size of Kaffe is

$ h8300-hitachi-hms-size /tmp/Kaffe
text    data    bss     dec     hex     filename
351988  3762    27304   383054  5d84e   /tmp/Kaffe

For the time being, this binary does not contain libnet, and
based on 1.0b3 (well, relatively old...) release.

Compared this with your effort, I am wondering why there are so
big difference, even though yours are RISC based. Don't you put
-g flags when compiling?


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