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Edouard G. Parmelan Edouard.Parmelan at quadratec.fr
Fri Feb 11 03:43:53 PST 2000

Chester Kustarz 2 wrote:

> i hope this is the right list.

It could be.  I Cc to Kopi team (kopi at dms.at).

> one difference is that javac and kjc understand line breaks 
> differently. javac is like Tcl in that it will take mac, pc, unix,
> or even a mix in the same file and be ok. kjc barfs on my
> source files unless i filter them first.

Humm, I can't reproduce that.  Which version of kjc did you use ?  Could
you send me sample class ?

> another difference that i cannot find a work around to is trying
> to compile some source that are in packages. i have the following
> directory tree:
> [servlets].java (in no package)
> smart/module/[module].java (in smart.module package)
> smart/db/[db].java (in smart.db.package
> where [something].java are a bunch of java source files.
> with javac, i can go to the servlets directory and go:
> javac -d . smart/db/*.java
> javac -d . smart/module/*.java
> javac -d . *.java
> and it all goes well. but when i use kjc, it says it cant find some
> classes i am using:
> smart/db/CONTAINER_TYPE.java:56: Can''t find class "RowData" '8

Did RowData class is in package smart.module ?  If so, you should
(for the moment) compile with:

    kjc -d . smart/db/*.java smart/module/*.java *.java

SUN javac transparently load not found classes from java source file.
Currently kjc don't compile a source file when it is not specified on
command line.

Edouard G. Parmelan

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