kjc question

Thomas Graf graf at essi.fr
Sat Feb 12 09:31:58 PST 2000

The behaviour of KJC is incorrect. Paragraph 3.4 of the Java Language
Specification states:
"Lines are terminated by the ASCII characters CR, or LF, or CR LF. The two
characters CR immediately followed by LF are counted as one line terminator,
not two."

This problem will be corrected in the next release of KJC which should be
available before the end of next week. Please send me a an e-mail if you want
to be informed of the release. A snapshot that fixes this problem (and a few
others) should be available via anonymous CVS from www.dms.at tomorrow
evening (GMT).

Thank you for reporting the bug.


Chester Kustarz 2 wrote:

> ok, i included the source file as an attachement. as you can see if
> you use vi, the line breaks are all messy. i was able to compile
> with JDK on windows 98, but kjc on OpenBSD gives me:
> ImageMapMenu.java:16: expecting '}', found 'public'

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