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Aaron Van Couwenberghe avancouw at calpoly.edu
Tue Feb 22 02:07:07 PST 2000

Hi all -

  I'm having a bit of trouble with my email setup, so I'm testing before I
repost my entire message (from long ago...). I expressed interest a while
ago in constructing a mechanism for native tie-ins to JIT-emitted code.

  This would be a completely nonstandard set of mapping rules, to be used as
a backend for something a bit more standard (can someone smell
zero-marshalling between CORBA/COM Java components and C/C++??).

  This kind of thing is precendented. Anyone heard of Matt Welsh's Jaguar?
VIA anyone?

  My problem is that I don't really know where to start, and I'm not quite
sure kaffe's JIT 'emits' native code the way I'm thinking. However, Looking
over kaffe's code, I have to commend transvirtual; kaffe is very well
written, clean, small, and efficient. If it doesn't do what I'm hoping it
does, I'm sure there's a way to make it.

  Anyway. If this gets through, more will follow.

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