sysdepCallMethod for embedded linux PowerPC

Pavel Roskin pavel_roskin at
Thu Feb 24 08:32:29 PST 2000

Hello, Chuck!

> I'm trying to get a VM running on our embedded PowerPC 823e (on Linux).
> I was wondering if anyone has been down this path with Kaffe and/or
> has an implementation of the sysdepCallMethod for PowerPC.

The CVS version of Kaffe can be configured to use libffi. Get libffi from, install it and don't forget to
specify --with-libffi for configure.

It is known to work on G3 (PowerMac) and 850 embedded processors
(RPX/Lite). Threads and AWT are broken. Kopi (java compiler) is Ok even on

I'm working (sort of) on the native version of sysdepCallMethod for
PowerPC. Feel free to beat me if you can :-)

Pavel Roskin

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