Kaffe requires -g

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Thu Feb 24 16:30:55 PST 2000

Building kaffe requires that the '-g' flag be passed to gcc.
Otherwise, you get a very broken executable.

This is a long-standing problem... though I can't find any metion of
it in the mailing list archive... I could have sworn this came up in
the past.  Something to do with sysdepCallMethod not being compiled
correctly without -g... anyway...

My real bug report, though, is that configure does not enforce this.
Currently Kaffe relies on autoconf defaulting CFLAGS to '-g -O2'.  If
CFLAGS is set in the environment when Kaffe is compiled, the -g is
dropped, and the resulting Kaffe builds, but won't run.

I suggest:

# Kaffe doesn't run without the -g:

right at the top of configure.in


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