Kaffe requires -g

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Fri Feb 25 11:05:09 PST 2000

> >   -O1 fails
> Which platform?  Which compiler?  What is the symptom?

Sorry, I was running with the assumption that this was a long-standing
problem.   Here are the platforms/gcc's I just checked:

FreeBSD 3.0++, gcc
Linux 2.2.12, egcs-2.91.66
FreeBSD 3.0++, gcc 2.95.2

The symptom is almost all of the regression tests fail, during Kaffe's
initialization.  A gdb backtrace shows that Kaffe is blowing up in the
first call into Java code.  If I remember correctly, the problem is in
sysdepCallMethod().  Something about all the registers being used and
gcc not being able to incorporate the an asm() block.... I think.

BTW, is there an easy way to run GDB on a non-installed version of
kaffe?  I had to manually tweak the libtool-generated Kaffe script to
invoke GDB.


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