Kaffe requires -g

Kero van Gelder kero at p10444.nl.wish.net
Sat Feb 26 05:33:39 PST 2000

> > So, the problem really is (and I just tried compiling Kaffe 3
> > different ways to really confirm this) that Kaffe won't compile
> > without -O2 or better.  Specifically:
> >   -O2 is okay (with or without -g)
> >   -O1 fails
> Sounds like a problem with one of the asm() scripts (but you
> probably knew this).  Some constraint or other is not being
> properly specified or something like that...

Not necessarily.

I once had a macro something like

#define GetTwoBytes(a, d) { d=a[0]++; d+=a[0]++<<8; }

either -O1 or -O2 went ``wrong'', the other did what I wanted. The
optimization did the increase of the array (pointer) immediately
(hence twice), or postponed until after the macro (only once).

Nowadays I use something less obscure.

Morale of the story: -Ox does not always keep the same execution result!


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