[Kaffe] whatever became of my Class.forName() patches?

Archie Cobbs archie at whistle.com
Tue Feb 29 10:51:24 PST 2000

Mo DeJong writes:
> I was just looking over the ChangeLog and I noticed that my
> Class.forName() patches never got added. I seem to remember
> that there was a problem with one of the changes in the patch.
> I am going to repost my patch minus the change that was
> causing problems and see if that is acceptable. Does anyone
> see any problems with the patch in its current form?

I'm committing it now..

Quick question: it appears that kaffe accepts "Ljava/lang/String"
even though you'd think a trailing semi-colon is required.
Is this what JDK does as well (ie, semi-colon is optional at the
end of a string)?


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