Kaffe and Mozilla/OJI

Tony J. Fader tony at transvirtual.com
Tue Feb 29 20:59:10 PST 2000

Hi Dan,

We agree that Kaffe and Mozilla are ready for this.

Any development you can do towards that goal would be greatly appreciated.

Although our in-house resources here at Transvirtual are stretched to the
limit at present, please know that we will offer as much support as we can.


tony at transvirtual.com

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> Subject: Kaffe and Mozilla/OJI
> Is anyone working on turning kaffe into a plugin that will work with
> Mozilla (using the OJI interface)?  It seems to me that both kaffe and
> Mozilla are now in a state where this should be possible.  Are there any
> technical or legal (license conflict, etc.) reasons why it would not be?
> If there are no major obstacles, I wouldn't mind putting some effort into
> getting this to work.

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